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The Trustees of Asbury United Methodist Church are very thankful to all who supported the projects for 2016. The biggest project of the year was removing the boiler system that was 48 years old and installing a new high efficiency boiler system. The cost was $27,550. This will save on gas usage and provide the necessary heat for many years.

The sidewalks were repaired on the west and east sides of the church. The cost of this project was $3,600. This eliminates the tripping hazard that existed. The fluorescent lights in the offices were not working well and were replaced with LED lights. The cost was $396. The LED lights will last for many years. The wall in the sanctuary was repaired for $1,233. This greatly improves the appearance of the sanctuary. There were several other tasks that the trustees took care of during 2016.

During the January meeting of the Trustees projects for 2017 will be discussed.

Thank you for your continuing support for caring for the facilities of Asbury UM Church. If you wish to give any additional financial support for future projects, please clearly mark your envelopes 'Trustees'.

Thank you.

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